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Dear Friends of GeoGebra, Thank you for your great interest and support of GeoGebra this year! Please find below some news and numbers about our growing user community from 2010.

International GeoGebra Conferences in 2010

News from 2010

Numbers about our Community in 2010

  • 24 new GeoGebra Institutes in all continents (except Antartica)
  • Our number of GeoGebra Facebook fans grew from 2112 to 5681 this year.
  • 3.8 Million Downloads of GeoGebra this year
  • 5 Million Visitors to this year. This means up to 33,000 visits per day or 170,000 visits per week (see diagram). 2010-visits-per-week.png
  • Our visitors came from 217 countries and territories. Most visitors came from Europe and North America (see map). 2010-visits-map.png

Happy new Year!

We wish you all the best for 2011 and hope to see you around as an active member of our community, helping to provide dynamic mathematics for everyone. Thank you, the GeoGebra Team

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