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Dates & Location

  • Dates: 12-14, December, 2013
  • Location: Patna, Bihar, India
  • Accommodation:


  • Registration form: coming soon Important note: If you are not able to reach the form from your country, please send your registration request via email to!


  • TBA: Submission of presentation or poster abstracts (max 200 words)
  • TBA: Registration


  • Zsolt Lavicza, Director of Research and Development at the International GeoGebra Institute, Lecturer at the University of Cambridge, UK: GeoGebra Community

GeoGebra is a free, multi-platform dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education that brings together geometry, algebra, spreadsheet, graphing, statistics and calculus in one easy-to-use package. Learning resources developed using GeoGebra can be saved, and shared on Teachers and students can search a database of over 25 000 materials (and growing) to support their learning needs, or they can use the GeoGebra software itself to explore open-ended tasks and make original constructions use and share with others. GeoGebra is a rapidly expanding community of 20 million users located in 190 countries. In some countries GeoGebra is fully integrated into the national curriculum and exams structure. GeoGebra maintains 140 GeoGebra Institutes in 75 countries providing a global network for teacher education and STEM education research and development. GeoGebra is the leading worldwide provider of dynamic mathematics software, supporting STEM education and innovations in teaching and learning. GeoGebra has received numerous educational software awards, building on successive innovations through collaboration with key partners like Microsoft. In the presentation I will outline current development in the GeoGebra community worldwide.

  • Sebastian Panakal, GeoGebra Institute Kerala Chairman, Wiki facilitator, Wiki educator

At the presentation, I will explain how GeoGebra leverages social changes. GG Institute of Kerala will drive knowledge explosion in the state. As digital technology and the knowledge-based economy of tomorrow grow in importance, GGI of Kerala will open full fledged GeoGebra Kiosks where students, teachers and families come together in the evenings to teach and learn GeoGebra. As they become comfortable using technology, we plan to use Open Educational Resources to help students achieve their full potential. The democratic social network at GGI of Kerala will steer social businesses, cooperatively designed and deployed by Social Networking Homes. Thus we will help the villagers become financially well off, be digital citizens, use OER effectively, collaborate to design and deploy even more new businesses. GG of Kerala will create and support a large network of young activists and social entrepreneurs, groom them into Changemakers. GG of Kerala will plough back 50% of the fee collected at Sebastian Panakal's training (fee for Learn English Online from learners and fee for eTeacher Training from teachers enrolled to become Online Facilitators) to set up GeoGebra Kiosks. The GeoGebra Kiosks will be managed by student cooperatives, monitored by PTA & Social Networking Homes (snehom for short; snehom means love in Sanskrit), these Kiosks will be self sustaining business models empowering the villagers.


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