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The GeoGebra Mediawiki Extension


How to import a GeoGebra applet into a wiki

Which wikis use the GeoGebra Mediawiki Extension?

How to install the GeoGebra Mediawiki Extension at your wiki

  • Wikipedia uses MediaWiki software. MediaWiki software is Open Source. Extensions are written in PHP.
  • The version page of the wiki shows a list of all installed extensions, with links to the documentation: Special:Version
  • Here is the direct link to the documentation of the MediaWiki Extension:
  • You need admin rights for the wiki (FTP access to the PHP scripts of the MediaWiki software).
  • Wikis not using MediaWiki software will not be able to use the extensions of

Why not at at Wikipedia?

  • For security reasons Java applets are generally not allowed at WikiPedia.
    • The MediaWiki Extension doesn't allow to use an arbitrary Java applet. It allows only GeoGebra applets.
    • Malicious code could only be injected into Wikipedia, if the GeoGebra code would be malicious.
    • If the guys at Wikipedia trust in the GeoGebra makers, there is no security problem!
  • Who should try to convince the Wikipedia admins?


  • The Same origin policy does not allow Java to load a GeoGebra file (*.ggb) and the GeoGebra applet (geogebra.jar) from different servers.
  • There are some strategies to deal with these restrictions:
    • Use of digitally signed GeoGebra applets.
    • Storing the GeoGebra jar files in a subdirectory of MediaWiki and using parameter useLocalJar='true'.
    • Using an applet parameter instead of a ggb file:

Short history

  • May 2008: Installing my own wiki at for experiments with MediaWiki extensions.
  • June 2008: GeoGebra MediaWiki Extension published (Version 1.0k).
  • June 2008: FormelApplet MediaWiki Extension published.
  • June 2009: Introduction of parameter useLocalJar=true (Version 2.0p).
  • Sept. 2009: Status of Version 2.0p changed from beta to stable.
  • Dec. 2009: New parameter ggbBase64 replaces filename (Version 2.6m).
  • Oct. 2010: Workaround for "Chrome error" (Version 2.7f).
  • March 2011: Status of Version 2.7g changed from beta to stable.


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