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Dear Members of GeoGebra Institutes, Firstly, let us express our highest appreciation for the wonderful work that you have been doing with GeoGebra! From now on we would like to devote extra time and attention to assist your work and strengthen the continuously expanding GeoGebra network. In order to facilitate internal communication, we have created this newsletter which is made exclusively for the members of GeoGebra Institutes. It has a double objective: on the one hand we would like to use it for providing you with interesting news from the GeoGebra world and on the other hand we would like to kindly ask you to provide us with information about your activities. Thank you for reading this and sharing your knowledge with us!

Needs-analysis Questionnaire

In order to do a better job responding to your needs, we have created a short survey for GeoGebra Institute members. Please let us know how we can help you, by filling in this short questionnaire (it takes only 4 minutes). Jump to questionnaire

GeoGebra 10 Years Logo Contest

GeoGebra is 10 years old! As a part of celebrating our anniversary we would like to organize a series of contests related to the GeoGebra10years theme. Firstly, we would like to hereby announce a „GeoGebra10years” logo contest. We are inviting all GeoGebra users to participate, but especially members of our GeoGebra Institutes. Please find more details about the contest here
The deadline for submissions has been extended.

GeoGebra Institute Websites

We are delighted to see that so many of you have created beautiful and unique websites for your GeoGebra Institutes. In each newsletter we will present a few of those sites that have captured our attention. • GeoGebra Institute of Tehran, Iran [1]
• GeoGebra Institute of California [2] What you can do: Get inspired! Create your own GI website and let us know about it! E-mail Institutes

Local Activities

• Steve Phelps and friends having fun on their journey to 3D GeoGebra world in Ohio, USA:
Steve and friends.jpg
• The GeoGebra Institute of Kerala India has awarded a title "GeoGebra ambassador" to a talented young student Lakhsmi Harikumar who will promote and teach GeoGebra in her school, district, state and abroad[3]
What you can do: Submit fun photos, videos or articles about your GeoGebra related activities (GG trainings, days, excursions, contests etc.) here .The best materials sent in will be included in our upcoming community newsletters!

Blogs and Social Media

• Check out the blog of our 16 year old bright Italian friends who have written a 350 pages book on their GeoGebra research[4]
• Browse through the colorful math and multimedia blog of Guillermo Bautista at the GeoGebra Institute of Metro Manila[5]
• A new facebook page has come out, designed to help, to promote, to discuss and to share what people of Central America and The Caribbean do with GeoGebra. [6] What you can do: Post, discuss, share online your experiences with GeoGebra! Start a blog, a facebook, twitter, google+ page or just simply share with us any interesting pages you find about GeoGebra on the worldwide web Click here to submit a page
If you tweet about a conference please use the #ggbconf hashtag.

Translation Issues

The GeoGebra software is currently available in 44 languages, however there are a few translations still missing like Hindi, Mongolian, Ukrainian, Afrikaans, Filipino etc. What you can do:Do your students understand everything? If GeoGebra is not available in your local language, please work with us to find volunteer translators and make GeoGebra accessible for everyone. E-mail Translation

Conferences and Workshops

International: • We do hope that you will be able to attend the International GeoGebra pre-conference before the ICME Congress in Seoul, Korea on 8 July: [7] If you are planning to attend please register as early as possible, because we can accommodate maximum 100 people in the room.
• However, if you miss that occasion you can still catch up at the International GeoGebra Institute Conference 2012 in Warsaw, Poland on 21 Sep 2012 to Sun 23 Sep 2012 .[8] Regional and Local: May
• GeoGebra Conference and Workshop.GI Maine 2012 on 23 May 2012 in Biddeford, Maine, US [9]

Gimaine1.jpg Gimaine2.jpg
Keynote speech by Dr. Todd Edwards

• GeoGebra Day Portugal - Annual Meeting on 26 May in Porto, Portugal[10]
• 7th Annual Conference in Mathematics and Statistics Service Teaching and Learning 28 May 2012 to Tue 29 May 2012 Maynooth, Ireland [11] Jun
• Midwest Regional GeoGebra Conference 2012 on 11-12 June 2012 in Oxford OH, US[12]
• 4th European Conference on Computer Sciences and Applications on 21-23 June, 2012 Timisoara, Romania[13] Jul
• IGGCW-Miskolc-2012 International GeoGebra Conference on 6-9 Jul 2012 in Miskolc, Hungary[14]
• 3rd Northamerica GeoGebra Conference on 25-28 July 2012 in Mexico[15]
What you can do: 1, Please attend and also take a minute to let others know about our events!
2, Have we missed your event? If yes, please upload information here
3, It is our goal that GeoGebra appear in every important math or IT related conference.We are maintaining a list of such potential conferences here. Please attend where you can and spread the word about GeoGebra!
If you know about a potential conference where GeoGebra should be present please upload information here If you need assistance with organizing a conference/workshop please e-mail us.E-mail Events

Publications and Research Activities

• Take a look at the useful laboratory guide for elementary geometry created by our friends in Iowa [16]
• Sign up for the Midwest GeoGebra Journal. The latest, Spring 2012 issue has already been published!
What you can do: Please let us know if you do any GeoGebra related research activities (writing an article, study, manual, lesson plans etc.) by uploading information here or if it is more convenient by filling out a form here

GeoGebra Worksheets

Some creative examples of what you can do with GeoGebra: • Caffeine in your body
Myles shrinking cycle
Simple model of carrying capacity and population growth
Hit of Billiard Balls
Binary clock
We are working on new features of the GeoGebra tube[17], so that it will be even more useful!
What you can do: Please keep on uploading fantastic materials! We will include some of the most impressive ones in our newsletters.

New GeoGebra Institutes

We would like to hereby welcome our new GeoGebra Institutes! What you can do: Help us extend the GI network! Please tell us if you know anyone who would be willing to establish a GeoGebra Instiute. E-mail Institutes Thank you for your attention! The IGI GeoGebra Team

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