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The Properties Dialog allows you to modify properties of objects (e. g., size, color, filling, line style, line thickness, visibility) as well as automate some object actions using Javascript or GeoGebra Script.

You can open the Properties Dialog in several ways:

  • Right click (Mac OS: Ctrl-click) on an object and select Menu Properties.png Properties… from the appearing Context Menu.

In the Properties Dialog objects are organized by types (e. g., points, lines, circles) in the list on the left hand side, which makes it easier to handle large numbers of objects. You need to select one or more objects from this list in order to change its/their properties.

Napomena: By clicking on a heading in the list of objects (e. g., Point) you can select all objects of this type and therefore, quickly change the properties for all these objects.

You can modify the properties of selected objects using the tabs on the right hand side (e. g., Basic, Color, Style, Algebra, Advanced, Scripting).

Napomena: Depending on the selection of objects in the list, a different set of tabs may be available.

Close the Properties Dialog when you are done with changing properties of objects.


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