Manual:Embedding to CMS, VLE (Moodle) and Wiki

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If your Content Mangagement System or Virtual Learning Environment is capable of inserting raw HTML, the easiest way is to insert an interactive GeoGebra construction is to use the Ctrl + Shift + M keyboard shortcut. The HTML code will appear in your clipboard and you can just switch your CMS or VLE to the mode which allows you HTML editing and paste it there. If you want to change some parameters of the text being copied, use the Export Worksheet Dialog and on the Advanced tab choose Clipboard:html


Another option is to upload your worksheet to GeoGebraTube, which you can now easily do from within GeoGebra with the File > Share... option. GeoGebraTube will then give you an embed code which you can use.

MediaWiki and Google Sites

For MediaWiki or Google Sites you can use File > Export > Dynamic Worksheet as Webpage and in Advanced tab of the appearing Export Worksheet Dialog you choose Clipboard:MediaWiki or Clipboard:Google Gadget respectively. For MediaWiki it's sufficient to paste the code from clipboard to the edited page, for Google Sites you first have to store the code as a gadget and then use the Insert Gadget feature.

Note: For MediaWiki, DokuWiki and some other online systems a plugin is required for inserting GeoGebra applets. Please see Tutorial:Main Page for details.