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This page is part of the official manual for print and pdf. For structural reasons normal users can't edit this page. If you found any errors on this page please contact us. Go to the version which can be edited by users.

You can access the interactive Construction Protocol by selecting the Construction Protocol option in the View menu. The Construction Protocol is a table that shows all construction steps, allowing you to redo a construction step by step. To show the Navigation Bar at the bottom of the GeoGebra window, right click in the Graphics View, then select the Navigation bar option in the context menu displayed.

Navigating and Modifying the Construction Protocol

You may use the keyboard to navigate in the Construction Protocol:

  • Press the up arrow of your keyboard to go to the previous construction step.
  • Press the down arrow of you keyboard to go to the next construction step.
  • Press the Home key to return to the beginning of the Construction Protocol.
  • Press the End key to move to the end of the Construction Protocol.
  • Press the Delete key to delete the selected construction step.
Note: This may also affect other objects that depend on the selected object/construction step.

You may also use the mouse in order to navigate in the Construction Protocol:

  • Double click a row to select a construction step.
  • Double click the header of any column to go to the beginning of the Construction Protocol.
  • Drag and drop a row to move a construction step to another position in the Construction Protocol.
Note: This is not always possible due to the dependencies between different objects.
  • Right click on a row to open the context menu related to the currently selected object.

Note: You can insert construction steps at any position. Select the construction step below the one you would like to insert a new construction step. Leave the Construction Protocol window open while you create a new object. This new construction step is immediately inserted into the selected position of the Construction Protocol.

Select the options listed when you click the first icon of the Construction Protocol toolbar, to decide which informations related to the construction will be shown. The Breakpoint option allows you to define certain construction steps as breakpoints, i.e. group several objects together. When navigating through your construction using the Navigation Bar, selected groups of objects are shown at the same time.

Exporting the Construction Protocol as a Webpage

GeoGebra allows you to export the Construction Protocol as a Webpage. Open the Construction Protocol using the related option in the View menu, then click the third icon of the Contruction Protocol's toolbar (Export as Webpage).

In the export window of the Construction Protocol you can enter Title, Author, and a Date for the construction and choose whether or not you want to include a picture of the Graphics View and the Algebra View. In addition, you can also choose to export a Colorful Construction Protocol. This means that objects in the Construction Protocol will match the color of the corresponding objects in the construction.

Note: The exported HTML file can be viewed with any Internet browser (e. g. Firefox, Internet Explorer) and edited with many text processing systems (e. g. OpenOffice Writer).