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What is GeoGebra

GeoGebra is open source dynamic mathematics software for learning and teaching at all levels. This manual covers the commands and tools of GeoGebra 4.4.

Create dynamic constructions

Constructions in GeoGebra consist of mathematical objects of several types which can be created using tools or commands. The tutorials may guide you through your first constructions.

Get to grips with GeoGebra's user interface

The main window is divided to views. By default Algebra View is displayed on the left side and Graphics View on the right. Above these views there is a Menubar and Toolbar, underneath Navigation Bar can be placed. Many features of GeoGebra can be accessed via Keyboard Shortcuts. GeoGebra also includes accessibility features such as Virtual Keyboard.

Publish your work



Find information on how to use GeoGebra and contribute your own ideas!

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GeoGebra Manual[edit]

The GeoGebra Manual describes all Commands and Tools of the software. In addition, you can add your own examples and ideas to all pages.



Visit our GeoGebra User Forum to ask questions or post suggestions.

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The Tutorial Section includes step-by-step tutorials on specific topics both for beginning users as well as experts.

Tips & Tricks

There are many functions already defined by GeoGebra, like sin(x), e(x), sqrt(x) and gamma(x). See complete list of predefined functions for details.

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GeoGebra resources
  • GeoGebra Publications list includes articles and scientific papers about the use of GeoGebra. You are welcome to add your own.
  • GeoGebra Events Map shows workshops and presentations on GeoGebra you can attend.
  • GeoGebraTube provides tens of thousands of GeoGebra materials
  • The old wiki contains materials created before release of GeoGebraTube