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Note: Following four menu items work only provided you have access to the internet. If you want to access help on a computer that is not connected, please download the Pdf.gifPDF version . Instead of reading tutorials you might download the GeoGebra Introductory Book.


This menu item opens the tutorial part of GeoGebraWiki in your browser.

Menu-help.svg Help

This menu item opens the HTML-version of the GeoGebra help (the Manual part of GeoGebraWiki) in your browser.

GeoGebra Forum

This menu item opens the GeoGebra User Forum in your default web browser. You can post and answer GeoGebra-related questions and problems in the GeoGebra User Forum.

Report Bug

This menu item opens the GeoGebra User Forum in your default web browser and gives you a short instruction on how to report a bug.

Menu-help-about.svg About / License

This menu item opens a dialog window that gives you information about the license of GeoGebra and gives credit to people who support the GeoGebra project by contributing in many different ways (e.g. programming, translations).

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